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Leverage Other Social Media Platforms to Grow Your Facebook Group

Over 2 billion people all over the world are now actively using Facebook, which makes it just the perfect platform if you want to grow your business exponentially in no time. However, a massive number of competitors are also lurking out there to promote their content through this platform. It goes without saying that you have to make your presence known despite the competition.

So I’m going to share this tip:

A good step to take is to sprinkle your presence all over the social platform. Yes, you read that right. I say “sprinkle all over” because the aim is to be known, so we will use all means to be out there. The aim is to “maximize” every opportunity.

Here are some things you can do right now:

1. Post daily and apply appropriate hashtags (If you can do more than 1 post a day and able to maintain it, great!)

2. Make use of you poll options

3. Do not take for granted FB Live

4. Grow your Facebook group

Let’s give emphasis to number 4, growing your Facebook group. It’s one of the best things to do because it enables you to interact to people with the same interests — people who are willing to interact with you too.

Mention your group on your Facebook Page now and then. You might have pinned it already, but mentioning it will make your followers see it from time to time making sure that your audience “gets curious” with it.

Cross-promotion is also a thing. Grow your Facebook group by promoting it in other groups similar to yours. On top of that, you can also create a post in your group, asking your friends and followers to share it.

While it is true that Facebook is the king when it comes to user engagement, it is not alone. It’s important to remember your target audience may also be on other social platforms just because anyone can and anyone could. So another tip is to promote your content on Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitter. You get the idea.

Other venues


On Instagram, you’re only offered one tiny spot to create a big first impression — one small area with one link. One out of the ten links you have in your head. However, the smartest move you can make in the early stages of growing your Facebook group is to maximize that link for as long as possible for your Facebook group. You can always make changes to it later.


I know what you think. More than 500 million tweets go out every day, making it challenging to have your content stick around long enough to be seen. So what is the point of trying to get your group promoted on Twitter? The trick to keeping an eye on a piece of Twitter content is “pin it” to the top of your list. Create a compelling graphics, post it on Twitter, and “pin it.” When someone stumbles on your page, it’ll be the first thing that’s seen. And of course, do not forget the dedicated hashtag.


I’m sure it isn’t a shock that video content takes the business world by storm. If content is king — the content of the video is undoubtedly queen. By 2020, video content will be a whopping 80 percent of all user internet traffic. More than 500 million hours are currently consumed watching YouTube every day, which is why it is the perfect platform in promoting your growing Facebook group.

How can you promote your Facebook group on YouTube? Simply use text overlays in your videos, prompting your viewers to check and join your group. Make sure you have a link to your Facebook group in every video and the description. Even when viewers don’t read the description, mentioning it at the end of your videos will do the work.


It has become the go-to place for writers, advertisers, and business owners alike, with 175 million active users visiting Pinterest each month. It only makes sense that you’d go to this marketing powerhouse as you attempting to promote your Facebook group. It has become one of the fastest ways of getting your content seen on the web, and it lasts a lot longer than posting on Facebook or Twitter.

These are just few of the many other ways to grow your Facebook group.

If you find this blog post helpful or informative, feel free to save it for future reference or share it to someone who might need it. I will be posting more content for those who would like to venture into coaching, becoming a consultant or those who would like to establish their own business and be free!


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